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by Liane Collot d'Herbois

Welcome to, a networking website created to further the artistic and therapeutic work of Liane Collot d’Herbois.

Our goal is to help develop awareness of this extraordinary and innovative work and to provide information on opportunities for practice and further study. We will present educational articles related to the study of Light, Color and Darkness, as well as Painting Therapy, and are open to contributions from others. Our outreach efforts include courses in the study of Light, Color & Darkness and their relationship to the human being, artistic and therapeutic charcoal drawing and veil painting.

New Courses

Grass Valley, Fair Oaks, Sacramento & San Rafael, California & Portland, Oregon
Veil painting in Sacramento one Saturday a month.
Upcoming classes in Grass Valley.

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The following poem is a synthesis of a participant's experience at a workshop for teachers.



The creative will of our thinking
ignites the heart’s receptivity,
like color arising from the play
of light and dark.

The darkness has sympathy
for the light.
It says,
“I will step aside and make way for the light!”

Between black and white
our living is a grey living
but not a colorless one.

But what is the color of smoke?
It depends on our point of view
for color forms where light and darkness

Just look…
The colors we see
depend upon our relationship
to the light.
Like love?
Color is a changing thing.
Like life?
We are born into magenta;
violet at death;
indigo in between.

The gift of our epoch:
when the will receives
heart’s thinking
and pure light emerges!
Viridian chakra!
Divine fulcrum of freedom!

~ George Hoffecker


Liane Collot d'HerboisLiane Collot d’Herbois, Artist and Originator of Painting Therapy out of Light, Color and Darkness
Liane Collot d’Herbois (1907-1999) built upon the color work of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, emphasizing the creative forces of light and darkness in painting, both artistically and therapeutically. She showed how the result of the dynamic meeting of light and darkness is movement that manifests as visible color in a transparent color space. Through using the resulting laws of Light, Color and Darkness one can move beyond subjectivity into a world of greater objective significance. Her early work with people of all ages showed her tremendous talent for seeing how constitution, temperament and illness can be revealed in one’s paintings. By working closely with Ita Wegman and other physicians, she developed her insights into a Painting Therapy based on the foundation of Anthroposophy, demonstrating the direct connection and healing possibilities of Light, Color and Darkness to the human being on all levels. Her therapeutic insights and transformative paintings have inspired doctors, therapists, artists, and those seeking a connection with spirit all over the world.

Painting by Liane Collot d'Herbois Painting by LianeCollot d'Herbois

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